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Luiz Gabriel Azevedo Luiz Gabriel Azevedo is the Division Chief of the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Division at IDB Invest. He has worked with development projects in some thirty countries for over twenty-five years, focusing on infrastructure development, natural resources management, agriculture, and environmental management.

03-10-2011 · When it comes sustainability in our world, we need to be concerned about three key areas. The important concepts of environmental, economic, and social sustainability form a basis from which good decisions and actions can be made. Here, I will discuss the three spheres of sustainability and how these interrelated concepts ultimately effect you

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of environmental and social sustainability measures by United Nations organizations is uneven. Several entities within the United Nations System are already utilizing environmental and social sustainability measures such as safeguards. These practices are not, however, consistent or readily comparable. 1 EMG 15 Meeting Report

For its part, IFC also has a Sustainability Policy. First implemented in 2006, the Policy was revised in 2012. Earlier versions of IFC’s environmental and social policies, procedures, and standards are provided as reference material only.

Environmental and social sustainability cuts across several workstreams and specific issues require horizontal collaboration with other MedTech Europe groups – Procurement, Regulatory Affairs, or Public Affairs. MedTech Europe also has critical role in helping SMEs,

IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards define IFC clients’ responsibilities for managing their environmental and social risks. The 2012 edition of IFC’s Sustainability Framework, which includes the Performance Standards, applies to all investment and advisory clients whose projects go through IFC’s initial credit review process

The social pillar is critical too. Once a war breaks out environmental sustainability has zero priority. If a nation lives in dire poverty, the environment is pillaged with little thought for the future. Therefore solutions to the sustainability problem must include making all three pillars sustainable. Going deeper

The Framework for Advancing Environmental and Social Sustainability in the UN system (2012) provides a basic architecture for integrating environmental and social sustainability measures into policies, programmes, and operations of the UN, and provides recommendations about measures to be taken at the individual agency level as well as across

MIGA’s environmental and social sustainability policies are derived from our extensive experience insuring investments around the world. They are a powerful tool for identifying risks, reducing development costs, and improving project sustainability—benefiting affected communities and preserving the environment.


The three pillars are social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability. Of the three pillars, the most important is environmental sustainability. If this is not solved, then no matter how hard we try the other pillars cannot be made strong because they are dependent on the greater system they live within,

IDB Invest is updating its Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy (dated 2013). As part of this process, we opened the draft of the new Sustainability Policy on June 17th, 2019, to public consultation -and received comments for a period of 120 days.

Social sustainability is the practice of creating a diverse and equitable society that successfully meets the basic social needs of citizens. Basic, however, is a broad term in this context because there are very many things we all require daily, consistently, or as-needed.

Environmental and Social Issues Environmental and social issues may manifest in many different ways and affect the viability of a financial institution’s client/investee operations. Environmental issues may present themselves as temporary or permanent changes to the atmosphere, water, and land due to human activities, which can result in impacts that may be either reversible or irreversible.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. Environmental criteria consider how a company performs as a steward of nature. Social criteria examine how it manages

Our Environmental and Social Sustainability solutions combine different sustainability processes in a dynamic, flexible and systematic way, thereby providing a single, comprehensive, integrated management solution. Carbon Footprint Management.

UNDP recognizes that social and environmental sustainability are fundamental to the achievement of sustainable development outcomes, and therefore must be fully integrated into our Programmes and Projects. To ensure this we have the following key policies, procedures and accountability mechanisms in place to underpin our support to countries:

26-06-2018 · We still need environmental sustainability. I am not suggesting that environmental sustainability is no longer important. On the contrary, the link between environmental sustainability and social outcomes is even more crucial when you think of the importance of maintaining an environment for healthy and prosperous lives.

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Sustainability at Roskilde Festival is balancing environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability when we create and develop Roskilde Festival. The environmental aspects include our consumption of resources and emissions, for example what we purchase, water and electricity.

The Sustainability Research Network: Interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability, where environmental, cultural, economic, and social concerns intersect.

At Cisco, we believe environmental sustainability is critical for economies and for all global citizens. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity and natural resources, and designing our products to minimize waste. These important actions are factored into every aspect of our business.

Sustainability and Resource Efficiency
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environmental and social sustainability has conducted environmental and/or social due diligence on the business activity for which a guarantee is sought, whether in its capacity as current or prospective equity investor, lender, insurer or through other involvement with the business activity, MIGA may choose to rely on such due diligence

The Environmental and Social Policy is one of the Bank’s three good governance policies and a key document that guides the EBRD’s commitment to promoting “environmentally sound and sustainable development” in the full range of its investment and technical cooperation activities. It sets out

Environmental & Social Sustainability. The CSU Buy Recycled Campaign is a joint effort between the campuses and the administrative offices of the CSU in support of the State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) and was developed to comply with state laws requiring the procurement of recycled content products. The Small

Current Research in Environmental Sustainability publishes new and innovative research on environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability focusses on managing and protecting the natural resource cycles, habitats, materials and the social conditions and

Environmental, social and economic sustainability of European eel management Published by kingaostanska on February 14, 2019 Original publication: February 2019

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability aims to track the emergence of a new innovative sustainability science discipline by integrating across regional and global systems with their typical dimensions, human-environment interactions and management challenges.

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environmental issues, for example, the contribution of an entity‘s activities to climate change. 2.1.5 As stated in ¶1.2, ‗sustainability‘ generally refers to environmental, social and economic sustainability, but the exact relationship between environmental, social and

At the EBRD, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Since our beginnings in 1991, we have been helping the countries where we invest get on a path to sustainable growth. We assess the environmental and social impacts of all of the projects we invest in and work with our clients to

Environment and Social Sustainability The New Development Bank’s purpose is to support infrastructure and sustainable development projects in BRICS and other emerging economies. Our work complements the existing efforts of multilateral and regional financial institutions for global growth and development. To fulfill our purpose, we support

The Environmental, social and economic sustainability framework improves business practices of the UN Environment by integrating standardized and structured sustainability measures across all of its work. This Framework sets minimum safeguard standards for UN Environment and its implementing/executing partners and enables UN Environment to

Ecoplanet Consultants Limited has been carrying out Environmental and Social Sustainability Services that include Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), Environmental and Social Management Planning, and Environmental and Social Lender’s Advisor Projects in various sectors, including oil and gas, energy, construction

Environmental sustainability should not be confused with full sustainability, which also need to balance economic and social factors. Economic Sustainability: Economic sustainability requires that a business or country uses its resources efficiently and responsibly so that it can operate in a sustainable manner to consistently produce an operational profit.

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sustainability? Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmental-ism. Embedded in most definitions of

Students use campus space for capstone course. For their spring environmental sustainability capstone course, six Eastern Mennonite University students and professors Jim Yoder and Jenni Holsinger focused on the 13-acre Park Woods nestled on campus.

Based on this assumption, using the globally recognized GRI guidelines, this study examines sustainability performance in environmental, social, and economic aspects of the largest oil and gas companies in Russia. Download : Download high-res image (159KB) Download : Download full

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Sustainability is part of everything we do at Google. We are committed to renewable energy, efficient operations, and using data and information to help with issues

Sustainability Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. SGS environmental impact assessments and environmental and social impact assessments help your business to contribute to local development while minimizing the impact on the environment. Call our experienced teams today to find out how.

In common with environmental sustainability, social sustainability is the idea that future generations should have the same or greater access to social resources as the current generation (“inter-generational equity”), while there should also be equal access to social resources within the current generation (“intra-generational equity”).

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Environmental Sustainability1 (1). The Commissioner acts as an independent voice that advocates, audits and reports on environmental sustainability. The purpose of this paper is to explore the meaning of environmental sustainability. The community needs a definition of environmental sustainability that is

The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 committed the United States to sustainability, declaring it a national policy “to create and maintain conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.”

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management provides a resource for the ever increasing number of organisations concerned about social and environmental responsibilities in the context of sustainable development and are interested in developing tools and case studies

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2018 • ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL, GOVERNANCE, AND SUSTAINABILITY REPORT • CMS ENERGY & CONSUMERS ENERGY • 2 Governance CMS Energy and Consumers Energy have multiple levels of sustainability oversight integrated into our daily operations. We use a variety of governance and risk management tools when addressing ESG and sustainability matters.

‘Sustainability first’ should be the thread unifying all EU actions, and social partners must be closely involved at every stage of policy-making to mitigate the social impact of a much-needed zero-emissions economy. We believe a sustainable economy can create good jobs in many sectors. But it is a mistake to neglect the challenges and dangers.

Our clients are the best advocates for sustainability – that’s why we work collaboratively within your organisation to ensure high quality service and a genuinely shared understanding. Even when market conditions change, we add value by prioritising how to address the many environmental and social issues facing your organisation.

There is a lack of theoretical and empirical studies regarding social sustainability. The literature reveals that the “social” was integrated late into debates on sustainable development. This paper aims to fill this gap and proposes a new conceptual framework of social sustainability.

There is a lack of theoretical and empirical studies regarding social sustainability. The literature reveals that the “social” was integrated late into debates on sustainable development. This paper aims to fill this gap and proposes a new conceptual framework of social sustainability.

Environmental opportunities, risks and programs are managed strategically by our environmental sustainability team; this team reports to our board of directors, and is tasked with monitoring our environmental performance, facilitating our environmental sustainability efforts, and communicating with stakeholders.

Social sustainability is about the impacts, positive and negative, that business has on people – employees, workers in the value chain, customers and communities. The first six principles of the UN Global Compact focus on the social aspects of corporate sustainability, of which human rights is

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IFC PerFormanCe StandardS on envIronmental and SoCIal SuStaInabIlIty 3 3.Performance Standard 1 establishes the importance of (i) integrated assessment to identify the environmental and social impacts, risks, and opportunities of projects; (ii) effective community engagement through disclosure of project-related information and

The Emergence of Environmental and Social Sustainability. George Brova. Download this article. The concept of sustainable development has drawn considerable attention over the past half-century, proving very controversial in discussions of definition, scope, and possible means of realization.

ADEC Innovations delivers fully-integrated consulting, data management and technology of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) solutions. Inquire today!

1,682 Environmental Social Sustainability jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Analyst, Researcher, Environmental Specialist and more!

Environmental, social and sustainability reporting has grown substantially over the last decade. On this page you can access a range of articles, publications and online resources from our collection providing quick access to information on reporting trends and developments.

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Sustainability efforts are shared during the orientation week for all new associates, so that they are equipped with the knowledge to share information with guests and visitors. Hyatt Thrive is our program focusing on the four pillars of: Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development & Investment,

Sustainability education is futures-oriented, focusing on protecting environments and creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action. Actions that support more sustainable patterns of living require consideration of environmental, social, cultural and economic systems and their interdependence.

Monash University’s commitment to sustainability is set out in its Environmental, Social and Governance Statement. We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations across all campuses, focusing on five main areas of improvement: energy, water, waste, emissions and sustainable transport.

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Environmental and Social Sustainability in the United Nations System,” which promotes and guides harmonized approaches on environmental and social sustainability. This UNEP ESES Framework also responds fully to relevant policies of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) —

Sustainability and social responsibility are themes that have increasingly occupied the discussions within Governments, companies and organizations around the world. The social function of the organizations and the interdependent relationship between the economic, social and environmental systems are increasingly evident to society.

For financial institutions, sustainability has two components: Managing environmental and social risks. Financial institutions can strengthen their portfolio by systematically evaluating environmental and social risks of lending and investment activities

We focus on the areas where we can have the greatest impact, which include carbon, energy, water and waste, across all the work we do. We’ve operated carbon neutral since 2012 and continue to reduce our emissions. We’re one of the largest purchasers of renewable energy in the United States. We use

“In implementing our Environmental and Social Risk Framework, we frequently engage with clients on specific topics and industry sectors. In the palm oil industry sector for example, there are at times issues linked to deforestation in Southeast Asia and Africa, and illegal labour practices on some plantations.

Since ecological conditions and economic and social systems differ so much from country to country, there is no single blueprint for how sustainability practices are to be carried out. Each country has to work on its own concrete policy to ensure that sustainable development is carried out as a

SAP’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus is an outgrowth of our purpose to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. We believe social, environmental, and economic activities and performance are interrelated – each impacting the others.

Environmental vs. social responsibility: What wins with consumers? when you ask Americans to define sustainability, the No. 1 answer is the equivalent of, “Um, But if you have to choose between environmental responsibility or social responsibility as your

Social and Environmental Accountability Journal. Search in: Advanced search. Submit an article. New content alerts RSS. Subscribe. Citation search. Citation Tax Avoidance as a Sustainability Problem. R. Bird and K. Davis-Nozemack, Journal of Business Ethics, 2018, 151 (4), pp. 1009–1025.

Software sustainability is often related to the fulfillment of non-functional requirements and the quality of the software [10,13]. It comprises 4+1 dimensions: Goodland’s dimensions for sustainability analysis -human, social, economic and environmental [5], and the technical

Walmart provides access to high-quality, affordable food and other essential products to people around the world. We strive to do this in a way that enhances economic opportunity, promotes long-term environmental and social sustainability, and strengthens local communities.

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both their, and our, environmental impacts. Finally, we discuss our plans for extending our leadership in corporate social and environmental responsibility across our industry and around the world. Here are some things we’d like you to know before reading further: •a pre-merger report–This report is a snapshot in time, focused on the year

What is environmental sustainability, and how is it different from sustainable development? We’ve heard the word ‘sustainable’ used often over the past decade as renewable energy sources continue to penetrate the energy market. But what exactly does environmental sustainability mean? When can

Environmental and Social Sustainability. BSTDB aims to promote environmental and social (E&S) sustainability in its Member States. Therefore the Bank commits to apply sustainability principles to its business management and require its clients to follow these also.

We invite papers to present at a research colloquium on Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) for Sustainability in October 2019. The Victoria University Business School and Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities, with the support of AFAANZ, is hosting the research colloquium: ‘Environmental Social and Governance for

The next session of Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact will begin on March 3, 2020. Enter your name and email address below to get notified when the course begins accepting enrollments. We’re so glad to have you in the Acumen community!

This Framework is UN Environment’s one of the concrete ways of supporting the achievement of the SDGs. It is compliant with the requirements of “A Framework for Advancing Environmental and Social Sustainability in the United Nations System (2012),” prepared by the Environmental Management Group (EMG). The Environmental, Social and

The scenarios are then assessed on the environmental, economic and social sustainability using the indicators outlined in Section 2.1. As mentioned earlier, within this framework, LCA is used for assessing the environmental sustainability, life cycle costing for the economic and various social indicators for the social sustainability.

We collect data on our environmental impact quarterly and produce regular reports for internal use, produced and verified by a respected external carbon management organization. Our director of sustainability oversees our sustainability strategy and supports efforts in each office to optimize energy efficiency and reduce waste.

The Environmental and Social Policy and the Exclusion List provided in the annex of the Environmental and Social Policy may be found here. 1 For moderate-risk projects, the Environmental and Social Sustainability Risk Specialist from the Corporate and Commercial Credits Management determines whether the project necessitates an Action and Monitoring Plan.

At Goldman Sachs, sustainability is an important driver of our engagement with clients and how we conduct our business. We provide the advice and capital companies need to grow, the expertise needed to manage risks, and the information and perspectives our clients must have to make business and investment decisions.

Definition of SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. What does SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY mean? Information and translations of SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy Edgewater prides itself as a locally owned and independent lakeside resort in stunning Wanaka, New Zealand. Edgewater Hotel in Wanaka features 103 rooms of lakeside accommodation along with dining facilities.

Introduction The official master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability takes place at the Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), an interdisciplinary and international research centre which works with several UAB departments.

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Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability Report Sirtex’s operating strategy is the continued development of its treatment offering to provide differentiating, value-adding features, and the generation of relevant medical data to help inform its customers. The Company is also engaged in clinical studies and R&D projects which

Despite these exemplars, the business world has substantially surpassed the health care delivery industry in responding to the demand for greater accountability for the environmental and social impacts of the enterprise by creating frameworks and metrics for measuring and reporting on sustainability and social responsibility.

24-03-2016 · Paul Druckman, CEO of the IIRC, talks with Dr Carol Adams CA, Professor of Accounting at Durham University Business School about his interest in social and environmental sustainability issues and their relevance to business and the work and training of accountants.

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Better environmental, social and governance (ESG) management provides an opportunity for the private equity (PE) sector to generate more value – more value for their portfolio companies, for their investors and for society at large. We believe that not only is there clear benefit in better ESG

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exacerbated by trends in environmental change, neoliberal development strategies, and international investment Despite general, but uneven, progress towards democracy across the continent, corruption, unrest, civil wars and insurgencies threaten all aspects of social and environmental sustainability

Issues of environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability is concerned with issues such as: Long-term health of ecosystems. Protecting the long-term productivity and health of resources to meet future economic and social needs, e.g. protecting food supplies, farmland and fishing stocks.

The world tea industry finds itself facing many challenges that could change the geography and economy of the landscape. Oxfam puts the spotlight on such issues as climate, deforestation, and union activities that are all unknowns for this sector.

Environmental, Social & Governance. Macquarie’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment reflects our responsibility to clients, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

Feature 1: Utilizing sound and music technology to contribute to the reduction of traffic accident damage; Feature 2: Yamaha’s Unique Acoustic Environment Enhancement Creates New Workplaces

These requirements are related to our activities, environmental and social aspects, safety and health hazards and risks including those determined by our client and/or subscribed by us. Our overall objectives are to prevent pollution of the environment and to continually improve our environmental, social and safety and health performance.

To this end, Pact considers environmental and social sustainability to be important components of our corporate responsibility and consistent with our overall mission and values. We are committed to providing quality services in a manner that minimizes potential harmful environmental and social impacts. We realize this goal by:

We are always looking to deliver new initiatives, improving on our established environmental and sustainability efforts, and developing a roadmap that builds on them. At our half year earnings in November 2019, we announced Xero is taking action towards a net zero carbon footprint – we are calling

Social Issues We are all part of one world and we do rely upon each other. Any thing we can do to promote positive work or play is good however as designers we also have a responsibility to make sure designs don’t have a negative impact.

Environmental, Social and Governance. Walmart’s sustainability journey began more than 10 years ago when we set ambitious goals to be powered by 100% renewable energy, to create zero waste and to sell products that sustain people and the environment.